Samuel Kasumu: PM’s adviser quits amid row over race report :

Boris Johnson’s senior adviser on ethnic minorities is to stand down, amid a row over a government-commissioned report on race.

Samuel Kasumu is known to have been unhappy with the government’s stance on racial issues.

He has not commented on the report, which said the UK “no longer” had a system rigged against minorities.

The PM said the report was “original and stimulating” but he did not agree with “absolutely everything” in it.

Equality campaigners have criticised it for downplaying the extent of racism in British society and institutions.

Former equality and human rights commissioner Lord Simon Woolley said there was a “crisis at No 10 when it comes to acknowledging and dealing with persistent race inequality”.

Labour’s shadow equalities secretary Marsha de Cordova called the report “divisive,” adding it was “no wonder” the government was “losing the expertise from their team”.

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“To have your most senior advisor on ethnic minorities quit as you publish a so-called landmark report on race in the UK is telling of how far removed the Tories are from the everyday lived experiences of Black, Asian and ethnic minority people,” she added.

A Downing Street spokesman insisted Mr Kasumu had been planning “for several months” to leave government in May.

“Any suggestion that this decision has been made this week or that this is linked to the [commission’s] report is completely inaccurate,” he added.

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